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We offer competitive packages of social media services ranging from social media development to social media monitoring. Our 14-step best practice model helps our clients stand out from the crowd and thrive through the most appropriate social media platforms.

Social Media Services

By using our social media services, our clients are able to:


Increase brand awareness


Increase engagement/lead generation


Increase followers/connections


Budget money wisely

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Marketing Strategy

The preparation of a personalised social media marketing strategy is essential. It is the most important component of the project. It is the map that will navigate us to the desired outcome.

With the aid of a social media marketing strategy, stakeholders will become familiar with the overall project. As soon as the strategy is agreed, we can immediately proceed to the implementation stage.


We manage social media accounts based on the agreed social media marketing strategy. We don’t just post updates; we don’t just fill your social media accounts with random posts. We run professional and targeted social media marketing campaigns. We consider your social media marketing strategy as part of our success and as such it is prepared and posted with close attention to detail.

Account Development

We build professional social media company pages and individual profiles from scratch on various social media platforms. In fact, we are specialised in building Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok pages.


All advertisements run according to the predetermined plan and where possible, advertisements are paused during low activity hours and resume during the busy ones.

Data Analytics

We provide in-depth social media data analytics including various important parameters such as impressions, likes, shares, comments, click-through rate, engagement rate and others.

All data analytics are prepared on a just-in-time basis, which means that all data are collected and analysed at the requested time. This enables the client to have a coherent picture of the performance of their social media accounts.

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