Email Marketing

We develop and manage professional email marketing campaigns, we create and process various types of surveys, online forms and other promotional and informational online pages.

Email Marketing Services

By using our email marketing services, our clients are able to:


Reach an already engaged audience


Find new audience and enhance an existing contact list


Deliver targeted messages at low cost


The circulation of Newsletters is a way to reach a company’s already engaged audience. Due to the GDPR legislation, Newsletters can only be sent to people who are included in a company’s contact list and after having given their express consent to be contacted for such a purpose. For companies that do not maintain a contact list as described above but need to develop one, we have the right tools to do that. We create all types of Newsletters (internal, external, educational, promotional etc.) and circulate them to targeted contacts.


Forms are an essential tool to expand a company’s contact list. This can be done through the development of subscription, promotional and other types of forms. We create all types of forms that can be linked with websites, email and/or social media accounts.


We set up and conduct surveys for various purposes. Customer satisfaction, brand awareness and quality of service are some of the types of surveys that we offer. Based on the surveys, we provide our clients detailed feedback as per their requests.


Email statistics help the client gain a coherent picture of their email marketing performance. We provide in-depth email marketing statistics, which include various important parameters such as open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate and more. Email statistics are prepared upon request.

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