Effectively use Instagram’s “Link” sticker with GIFs

November 8, 2021
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November 8, 2021 Digital Marketing City CY

Instagram has recently given access to all accounts to use the “Link” sticker in stories. These are great news for all of us since the particular action was only available to accounts that had 10.000 followers or more. Now, we can all create well-designed, interactive stories that will also contribute to the increase of the number of visitors on our website.

Get way more clicks on your “Link” sticker
by simply applying this post’s instructions.

Despite the fact that the “Link” sticker is now available, it doesn’t seem to be as attractive and engaging as it should be. There’s a way though to make it work better for you. The use of a GIF to cover your “Link” sticker will do the job. And yes, your “Link” sticker will be clickable.

Get way more clicks on your “Link” sticker by simply applying this post’s instructions to your next stories.

When in stories, tap on the sticker icon and search for either “@kaptenandson_cologne” or “infused tap”. Choose the right GIF to cover the “Link” sticker, adjust the size and you’re done.

story search bar story search bar

Except the fact that by using a GIF to cover the “Link” sticker will make your story more attractive, by choosing the right GIF, you also let your audience know what’s the purpose of it and what to expect if they decide to click on it.

Additionally, those who will see your story and they’d like to read more or shop now, they’ll immediately know that by tapping on the GIF sticker they’ll be instantly redirected to the place they actually want.

Start making your stories more engaging and attractive as well as more interactive. Just take the time to insert the right GIF above instagram’s “Link” sticker. And remember, your first goal is to lead more visitors to your website.



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