The benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing

November 12, 2020 Digital Marketing City CY

Regardless of the size of your business, deciding whether to implement your digital marketing strategy internally or outsource the work is key to your success. There are a lot of parameters that you should take into consideration in order to reach a final conclusion, so, let’s jump into this and see the benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing.

Digital marketing agencies ensure that
your online strategy is to be implemented
smoothly, in a seamless way, on the whole


Digital marketing agencies employ high calibre marketeers who are devoted to marketing and are focused on advancing their careers within a marketing focused environment. Even when hiring entry level marketeers, agencies ensure to back them up with experienced ones.

Expertise at digital marketing agencies allows them to remain at the forefront of the marketing practice and be able to provide the most appropriate advice and services to businesses that do not have the time for research, access to digital tools, access to relevant software or a marketing department in their premises.

Marketeers at digital marketing agencies continually research trends and changes in the field and are experts in adapting and evolving current marketing strategies while being specialised in developing new ones.

Digital marketing agencies are not only composed by marketeers. They employ social media and email marketing experts as well as content creators such as videographers, editors, writers, text composers and other professionals to make sure that they can meet their clients’ needs.

Moreover, digital marketing agencies employ website developers who are specialised in different website creation tools and CMS as well as in website maintenance.

Unambiguously, digital marketing agencies are a one-stop, full service digital marketing hubs that are able to assist businesses in every aspect of their digital marketing needs.

On the other hand, most of the small and medium sized businesses do not adequately invest in in-house marketeers or see digital marketing as a secondary operation. Hence, they hire entry level marketeers to develop and implement their digital marketing strategy. As a result, due to the lack of knowledge and experience, their marketing efforts towards growth, unfortunately fail. In some other cases, they hire non-marketeers to run their social media accounts without any plan or strategy. There’s no need to elaborate on such failing practices, however, it’s always good to know that the true cost of hiring non-professional people to apply digital marketing is always more than you think.


The dilemma of choosing whether to hire an in-house marketeer or outsource the functions of your digital marketing also touches other issues, including the related costs of an in-house marketeer in comparison to the costs of outsourcing. There are though valid cost-saving reasons to choose the option of outsourcing your digital marketing functions and these are provided below:

  • The salary of an in-house digital marketeer, with an average salary of €1500, is between 50% and 300% more than the cost of outsourcing the service
  • No annual leave entitlement
  • No social insurance payable
  • No health insurance payable (where it’s provided)
  • No extra costs to buy new software or digital tools
  • No extra costs for online paid advertisements.

*Costs deriving from graphic designing, video and picture creation/editing and website knowhow are not included in the list above

The above are considerable outsourcing advantages that cannot be neglected when it comes to choose whether to hire an in-house marketeer or outsource the service. In fact, digital marketing agencies offer more experienced talent as well as a cost-effective way of applying holistic digital marketing strategies in comparison to the overall expertise and cost of an in-house marketeer.

Avoid the Hassle

Having gone through the parameters relating to expertise and costs, let’s compile some “avoid-the-hassle” reasons together in order to give a comprehensive overview of the benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing:

  • Available when you need it
  • Production of high-quality work
  • Consistency
  • Decreased labour costs for your business
  • No need to setup new processes or systems
  • No need to setup digital marketing strategies from scratch
  • No need to worry about buying new software or tools
  • You solve a capacity issue
  • Your online marketing campaigns run uninterrupted while you focus on your actual work.

To conclude, digital marketing should be applied by high-talented marketeers with the aid of other professionals such as website developers, graphic designers, videographers, editors, writers and others in order to holistically apply your digital marketing plans. Digital marketing agencies ensure that all of them work under the same roof in order for your online strategy to be implemented smoothly, in a seamless way, on the whole.

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