When is the best time to post on your social media accounts in order to increase your followers?

November 3, 2020
Posted in Social Media
November 3, 2020 Digital Marketing City CY

So, you are seeking social media growth and wondering when is the best time to post on your social media accounts in order to increase your followers.

A practice that most people follow is to go to their social media accounts’ insights, identify the most engaging days/hours and proceed to implement their strategy accordingly. Hence, you prepare your content and wait until the time comes to click the “post now” button. When the time comes, your expectations are high because you’ve gone through all the insights available, read and interpreted all the data and therefore high engagement and new page likes/follows will naturally follow. And every time you post, you realise that this is not the case. And each time that you don’t manage to have high engagement or get new page likes/followers you try to understand what went wrong or what you have neglected and another promising post has not attained the desired goals.

Understanding who your audience is
and identifying who your competitors are
becomes a priority

In general, it’s good to know when your followers are active on social media and which are your social media accounts’ most engaging days/hours. This data helps you to identify the best time to post when you want to inform your already engaged audience. On the contrary, this is certainly not the only parameter that must be taken into consideration if the goal is to increase your followers.

Hence, to attract new followers you should apply a different practice. A practice that will enable you to reach those who don’t follow you. Sounds plausible? It is. In fact, to find the best time to post on your social media accounts with the aim of increasing your page likes/followers you should:

  • Follow some bigger business accounts that apply business in your market
  • Detect when they post
  • Plan your post 10 – 30 minutes after them
  • Comment or react in their comments before your planned post
  • And finally, engage in their comments after your post

By following this best practice, you will definitely see your social media accounts growing. The most important part of this practice though, is to keep yourself active and remain consistent. Consistency is the most important ingredient to your social media success.

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